Hello readers — fellow seekers, dreamers, and kindred travelers navigating this strange, humbling, enlightening universe…

Welcome to my freshly renovated website!

A newcomer may be surprised to learn that I’ve blogged on this site since February 2014. Where is all the content, you ask? Well, I recently compiled almost all of my past blog posts into a manuscript, sent that manuscript through several rounds of intense editing with 3 different editors and proofreaders, and then published the final version as my debut memoir, My Alternate Universe: Anxiety, Autism, and Adventure in a Parallel Reality. Naturally, I didn’t want to leave all that content on my site in its raw, unedited form. Instead, I’ll be posting brand new posts in their raw, unedited form for you to enjoy. I did leave a few old posts in my blog archives as samples of my writing style and typical content (which includes personal essays related to anxiety, autism, parenting, and miscellaneous musings about life).

The saga of this new website spanned many months and involved hours of researching, comparing prices, buying domain names, signing up for hosting sites, cancelling said hosting sites, losing money and sleep, only to return to my old WordPress website where I simply clicked “upgrade” and made my old site more spiffy and official without the extra stress. I could try to spin the whole experience as something positive, talk about “lessons learned” and “friends made along the way,” but there was way, WAY too much frustration and profanity involved. The only positive was the great relief I felt when I arrived back at my old site, realizing what I’d lost and found again, the refrain of the 80’s hit “The Search is Over” by Survivor playing in my head. You were with me all the while, WordPress!😭💘🫶

Anyway, I’m excited for this new beginning.

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Until our virtual paths cross again,


Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay

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