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“Somewhere out there, on some other timeline, in some other plane of existence, another version of me is living the life I had planned. I picture her to be a peacefully content, self-assured supermom and a bit of a smug know-it-all—very likely an insufferable pain in the ass. I’ll try not to judge her, though, because bless her heart, she means well and doesn’t know any better.”

My Alternate Universe: Anxiety, Autism, and Adventure in a Parallel Reality is not an instruction manual for traveling to other dimensions. It’s not a self-help book for conquering anxiety. It’s also not a how-to guide for raising a child with autism. It’s a memoir…a memoir in which I tell the story of my son’s challenging childhood years, my need for control and lifelong battles with anxiety, and the ways my son’s diagnosis of severe autism changed my perspective and view of the world. It’s about my journey of acceptance, adaptation, and self-discovery, living a life completely unlike the life I had expected, in a strange, humbling, enlightening alternate universe.

Praise From Readers

“Rosado writes with honesty, courage, humor, compassion, and a deep understanding of her son that is instructive for each of us…”
Michael D. Powers, PsyD., Executive Director and LP at The Center for Children with Special Needs; Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology, Yale Child Study Center, Yale University School of Medicine; Author of Asperger Syndrome and Your Child

“…Rosado sets a wonderful pace and rhythm, with interesting literary movement that starts with humor and dynamic episodes… then moves into calmer, more pensive narrative that brings out the weightiest considerations⎯revealing strength, growth, maturity, insight, and ultimately acceptance, not with resignation but with hope. A beautiful and inspiring achievement.”
Beverly Kennedy, Copy Editor (ret.), University of Hartford

“Jennifer Rosado has created a voice for so many. It’s resounding, it’s determined, and it’s hopeful. She has a beautiful gift for crafting a story, allowing readers to sit beside her as she drives the narrative forward while sharing moments of insight along the way. Her humor, her perspective, her words, and her ability to connect with people through those words make readers feel like part of the journey.”
Shelley Sackier
Author of Dear Opl, The Freemason’s Daughter, The Antidote, and Make it a Double

“…a must-read for all providers in the medical and educational communities who strive to understand the considerable impact of these challenges on the family..”
Kristen Powers, OTD, OTR/L, Author and contributor to several books specializing in autism

“…filled with wisdom that will help readers deepen their understanding and empathy for individuals with autism and the parents who love them.”
Cindy M. Gilson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Gifted Education, UNC Charlotte College of Education, Dept. of Special Education and Child Development

“Jennifer Rosado’s honesty, insights, and amazing sense of humor make us feel a little more human on tough days.”
Susan Murphy, Parent

“Jennifer’s writing will pull you in immediately, especially if you’re an anxiety-prone control freak who hates when plans go awry…My Alternate Universe is a story of a parent’s love and acceptance of their child told with sincerity and intertwined with a sharp wit that will leave you entertained as well as enlightened.”
Angela Pucino, OT
Parent, Person Living with Anxiety

“Entertaining and quirky essays about the serious topics of anxiety and autism.”

Eric M.

“I absolutely loved this book….Humorous and heartfelt, Jennifer will have you laughing out loud on one page, and welling up with tears on the next.”


“…A beautifully crafted and engaging memoir…”

– Reader Views (5 star review)

2023 Independent Press Award Winner for Memoir