Hello readers — fellow seekers, dreamers, and kindred travelers navigating this strange, humbling, enlightening universe... Welcome to my freshly renovated website! A newcomer may be surprised to learn that I've blogged on this site since February 2014. Where is all the content, you ask? Well, I recently compiled almost all of my past blog posts … Continue reading Welcome!

Podcast – My “Ruthless Compassion” Interview

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to Dr. Sirota for inviting me onto her Ruthless Compassion podcast. Although I was a little nervous about my very first podcast interview, Dr. Sirota was an engaging interviewer and quickly put me at ease. What resulted was a great conversation about my experiences raising my son … Continue reading Podcast – My “Ruthless Compassion” Interview

Buoyancy – Treading Water in the Dark and Monstrous Deep

I’m not sure exactly how old I was when this memory was imprinted on my brain. I know I was young – maybe three or four years old. I was wading knee-deep in the water, parallel to the beach where people were sunbathing on blankets. My two older brothers were walking with me. A rope … Continue reading Buoyancy – Treading Water in the Dark and Monstrous Deep